Thursday, March 1, 2012

Singing for Pi

I am linking up with Michelle from Making it as a Middle School Teacher to share Pi Day ideas. I had never heard of Pi day before getting acquainted with this blogging world that I am coming to love. In 6th grade, pi  is super important and such a tough thing for my students to work with. A few years ago I made up a few songs to help my students remember the formulas for circumference and area of a circle. The kids absolutely love it, and we sing them so much they get to where they will sing it on their own when they are taking a test or working with circle problems. I especially like to pit one half of the class against the other to see how loud and enthusiastically each side can sing it!

So here you go! Feel free to take/share/use them.

Circumference Song (to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Circumference goes around and round
There are two ways to find it
Two times pi times radius
Or diameter times pi!

Area of a Circle: A Repeat After Me Song Chant 
(the kids tell me its the chant from some commercial-Tony the Tiger or something)
The area of a circle --- The area of a circle
Is pi-r-squared! --- Is pi-r-squared!
Pi-r-squared --- Pi-r-squared
Means pi times r times r! --- Means pi times r times r!

Can't wait to see what the rest of you all have to share. This year there will be Pi Day in my classroom!

I created a whole day of activities that include these songs and much much more. Go take a look at my TPT store. Click here.


  1. Jodie,

    Thank you so much for linking up with my blog!!

    I LOVE your songs! They are wonderful :)


  2. Take a look at my more recent post with all the details of my Pi Day.