Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh the Things I Do...

One of my favorite times of the day that I refuse to give up no matter what the state/district tells me I have to squeeze in is my daily read aloud. I love it; the students love it. It is the perfect time to see skills and ideas we are learning in our HM reading series in real life, so to speak.

Usually I choose what book to read. However, I let my students choose the current book. At some point one student discovered this book in the library and it soon began spreading around the room like wildfire. It was all the talk. Students were sharing it, borrowing, asking the librarian to put it on hold for them...boys and girls alike. They practically begged me to read it.  What teacher could resist kids begging for a book?!

So I began reading the book...OMG when will this book end? I can usually find the bright side in anything, but this book...ugh... It is a basic adolescent book. Tomboy Madison watches all her friends becoming girly girls; she just wants to wear her cutoffs and play little league baseball. She develops a crush on teammate Tommy. She watches her beautiful neighbor's relationship with a washed up music star. Sounds like... just what kids like.

So what's my problem? To start with there is a quite a lot of kissing and boob talk. Not fun reading that with expression and excitement to a class full of 6th graders. Also, the story line is just confusing to me. It often seems to jump to a new scene almost without warning. The characters aren't developed...I just don't like it.

I do like the students' attentiveness while I read. They are INTO it!!! I tried to get out of it. I polled the class to see if they are enjoying it and following the story line. And they all said yes. I asked just the boys. And the BOYS said yes! I think for them it is a peak into the world of girls.

So I am still reading it. And I will finish reading it. Hopefully soon. However, I still take advantage of the teachable moments using the  figurative language and characterization, and we are able to make comparisons and connections to real life. I'm making the best of it and looking forward to the next book I'll share.

What about you? Have you ever gotten into a lesson or book that you hated but the students loved? How did you make the best of it?


  1. I am horrible at this. I try to read through it as quickly as possible. I skipped over the teachable moments and had the kids instead "create a journal as if you were the main character" to go along as I speed-read through.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. OMGosh! You are braver than me. I would not be able to get through it...even if the kiddos loved it. I might have to read ahead to see how I could rephrase it when I came to that part when I was reading it aloud to them.

    BTW- I am your newest follower and would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thanks so much for your reply. I have begun previewing. It makes it a little difficult to rephrase since I project in using a document reader. But most of the kids don't notice or don't say anything when I do rephrase.

      Thanks for following me. I visited your blog and am now a follower of you too. Your poems are touching. I love you humor and philosophy on reaching the whole child.