Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not Again...whine

I can not believe it! I use my laptop on the couch. I have a beautiful desk and office, but nothing beats the couch, doncha know. Anyways, I usually rest it half on the side table and half on the arm of the sofa. So last year the dogs ran in between the couch and the sofa and pulled my laptop down. SPLAT! The power cord broke. I couldn't believe that little cord was around $100!!! Ouch. So last night, I set my computer where I think it will be sturdy, push down the reclining seat and...BLAM! Again. It fell right off. This time the cord is fine. The damage now is inside the computer. The connector in the computer that attaches with the cord, broken. Argh. And of course no money at the moment to fix it. Gotta call Best Buy to see how much it will be. I am fortunate to still have my old, slow, dinosaurish laptop. Hopefully that will keep me online. I'm hoping to get most of the yearbook done through the online program during Spring Break.

Here's to luck, speed, and good connectivity.
Happy Sunday

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  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick (and inexpensive!)repair...

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